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Hectronic gets order worth 13 million SEK
Hectronic, a specialist in embedded computer solutions, secures an order with a Nordic customer within the video distribution industry for development and production of an OEM computer system worth 13 million SEK.
The system is specifically developed to deliver high and reliable performance in a small package and has been custom made to meet the requirements from the customer. ”Hectronics ability to develop OEM solutions from idea to end product with high performance graphics technology gives both us and our customers a competitive advantage on the market” says Stefan Löf, Managing Director at Hectronic.
The system is the third generation embedded computer developed by Hectronic for the customer in the many years of cooperation. Delivery of the first systems will start in spring 2017.
Stefan Persson, Media Relations 
Telephone: +46 (0)735 457 742 
Email: stefan.persson@hectronic.se
About Hectronic:
Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, Hectronic is the leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computer solutions in the Nordic region. Since 1991, Hectronic has supplied customers globally with custom embedded solutions and standard products. Hectronics products lead the market in performance, size and low power consumption and are mainly used in Defence, Transportation, Maritime, Medical, Industrial automation and Communication markets.
Hectronic is a part of the Design and Manufacturing division of Acal PLC Group (LON:ACL) that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. More information about Hectronic can be found at http://www.hectronic.se. For information about Acal PLC Group please go to http://www.acal.co.uk.

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