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2016-10-18    Hectronic extends cooperation with long-term customer
Hectronic, a specialist in embedded computer solutions, secures an order worth SEK 7 million yearly with an international customer within the vehicle industry for development and production of a custom made embedded computer system.    
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2016-09-16    Hectronic appoints Lars Hallberg as Key Account Manager
Hectronic are pleased to welcome Lars Hallberg to the company in the role of Key Account Manager. Lars Hallberg joins Hectronic from congatec where he spent six years as Nordic Regional Sales Manager.    
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2016-05-11    Hectronic gets order worth 26 million SEK
Hectronic, a specialist in embedded PC development and manufacturing, secures an order with a Nordic customer within the broadcasting industry for development and production of a custom made embedded computer system.    
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2015-06-12    Hectronic announces two boards with second generation AMD Embedded G-Series
H6071 (Qseven) and H6068 (COM Express) are based on the so-called Steppe Eagle processors which are added to the options within AMD Embedded G-Series SOC for increased performance.   
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2014-09-03    Hectronic announces COM Express with AMD Embedded G SOC
The board targets applications in harsh environments and is specified for an industrial operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C). The form factor is COM Express pinout type 6.   
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2014-01-22    Hectronic wins contract for system with AMD Embedded G-Series SOC
Hectronic has won a 1.9 million Euro contract to develop and supply a computer system for an international customer offering audiovisual solutions and products.   
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2013-10-31    Hectronic announces computer board with AMD Embedded G-Series SOC
Hectronic H6069 is a Qseven module based on the processor from AMD released in April this year. AMD Embedded G-Series SOC is a system-on-chip, SOC, with the CPU, GPU and I/O controller integrated into a single embedded device.   
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2013-10-24    Hectronic wins multimillion-euro contract to supply vehicle computer with TI Sitara ARM Cortex A8
The vehicle computer is based on Hectronic’s reference platform for automotive applications including Texas Instruments series Sitara AM335x processors and building blocks for wired and wireless communication.   
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2013-10-09    Hectronic announces two computer boards based on Intel® Atom™ Processor E3xxx
H6824 is a COM Express Mini (84mmx55mm) module and H6825 is a slightly larger COM Express Compact module (95mmx95mm). Pinouts are type 10 type 6 respectively.   
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2013-09-26    Hectronic increases its presence in Finland
Blue Nessi owned by Reino Suonsilta has been appointed sales representative in Finland. Reino Suonsilta has held leading positions within sales and distribution of electronic components and industrial computers.   
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2013-08-21    Hectronic signs 6 million euro deal
Hectronic has been awarded a contract with an international customer within the maritime industry. It’s a three year contract and production starts in Q4 2013.    
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2013-06-14    Hectronic appointments to meet increased demand
Hectronic has employed Erik Marhaug as Key Account Manager and Robert Helenius in the role as Product Manager.   
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2013-04-10    Hectronic announces Qseven module with AMD Embedded G for an industrial temperature range
The new H6059 version addresses the demand for CPU modules for harsh environments. Additionally there is a new version of H6059 based on T16R, an APU with 4.5W TDP and 615MHz clock frequency.    
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2012-12-07    Hectronic announces the H6818 COM Express Compact module based on third generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7
H6818 offers increased performance per watt and improved graphics and media processing capabilities compared with previous generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7. The module has pin-out type 6 for full utilization of the advantages in the processor platform.   
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2012-09-05    Hectronic announces the H6816 COM Express Compact module based on Intel® Atom™ N2600/N2800/D2550
H6816 offers significantly improved power-consumption performance ratio compared to previous Intel® Atom™ generations. The graphics capabilities include 24-bit dual channel LVDS accessible directly from the module, as well as VGA.    
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2012-05-21    Mitsubishi Electric Europe Semiconductor replaces sales through Optrex with sales through its own distributor network
The change is effective immediately. The same display products will be distributed through the company's own distributor network instead. Hectronic and Acal BFi Nordic, in a joint effort, are members of that network and offer continuity to existing and new Nordic customers.   
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2012-03-22    Hectronic and Mitsubishi Electric in closer cooperation around display distribution
Hectronic AB and ACAL BFi Nordic AB will, in a joint effort, offer industrial displays from Mitsubishi to Nordic customers. Customers benefit from the combination of ACAL BFi:s organization and infrastructure in logistics and Hectronics expertise in embedded systems.   
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2012-02-23    Hectronic exhibits at Embedded World in Nuremberg
Hectronic will show the company´s embedded products and present custom development services in booth 448 in hall 4. Embedded World is held in Nuremberg, Germany between February 28 and March 1, 2012.   
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2012-01-12    Hectronic announces H6059, a Qseven module based on AMD Fusion G-series APUs
H6059 is based on the AMD T40E dual core G.series APU. The module is compliant with revision 1.2 of the Qseven standard.   
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