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Three fanless box PCs from Hectronic – A comparison

The fanless box PC is in many cases an alternative well worth considering. The box PC contains a CPU board with additional I/O, often in a compact format and always ready to use. Reliability, cost-efficiency and time saving during application development adds to the list of advantages.

Reliability as in a ready-made tested and certified hardware. Cost-effective because volumes increase when the solution is a COTS product. Time saving due to the fact that the fanless box PC is delivered directly upon order. Thus application development may begin immediately.
These three fanless box PCs have fixed I/O interfaces, but there are still possibilities for adaptation to unique application requirements. The typical fanless box PC is available in versions based on a couple of different processors in varying performance categories. The I/O interface sometimes targets specific vertical market segments or it’s, as for these three, made up of a more common set of I/O ports to be generally useful.

eBOX530-820-FL – Compact and low power

The first one, eBOX530-820-FL, is the smallest of the four. Measuring 132mm x 95.4mm x 47.5mm it fits, just about, in the palm of your hand. The compact size and optional fasteners enables not only wall mount, but also DIN-rail mount for instance in process industry computer cabinets and racks. Moreover the eBOX530-820-FL is suitable for applications such as parking meters, ticketing machines and other applications to which size and power consumption is crucial.

Four USB 2.0, two COM and one Gigabit Ethernet port is a sufficient I/O featureset for many applications that benefit from ultra compact size. Fewer interfaces reduce requirements for processor computing performance. The eBOX530-820-FL is based on Intel® Atom™, 1.1GHz or 1.6GHz, and the US15W chipset keeping power consumption at around 5W and the heat generation at low levels accordingly.
eBOX530-820-FL - Fanless Box PC
eBOX530-820-FL - Application Example
The eBOX530-820-FL has a hard disk drive and a Compact Flash card slot accessible from the front. What developers sometimes want is to use standard operating systems for development initially and switch to an embedded OS version at a later stage, which is possible with these two storage options.

eBOX620-823-FL – Industrial temperature range

The second fanless box PC, eBOX620-823-FL, has the above features and more. Operation in an Industrial temperature range (from -20°C to +70°C) is added to the list of features. It means a larger number of location options mounting the box PC. The eBOX620-823-FL is designed for operation in cramped and poorly ventilated spaces, for instance in the trunk of a taxi, on a boat or as part of the information, infotainment or ticketing system of a vehicle for public transportation, enduring cold winter mornings as well as intense summer heat.
eBOX620-823-FL - Fanless Box PC
eBOX620-823-FL - Application Example
The typical general purpose fanless box PC comes with some possibilities for adaptation to specific application requirements. In the case of the eBOX620-823-FL this possibility is realized from an Express Mini card slot. Together with an SMA type connector opening for an antenna, onboard a vehicle, it comes natural to suggest to use the Express Mini card slot for a GSM/GPRS, 3G/Edge or GPS module. Or why not use the possibility to include additional ports to the standard I/O interface of the eBOX620-823-FL.

eBOX630-830-FL – Computing performance and I/O richness

Thus far in the presentation a couple of compact and low power alternatives with limited I/O interfaces have been described. The last example, eBOX630-830-FL, is the next level up in terms of computing performance and I/O interface richness. A rich I/O interface, in this case, is four serial ports, two Gigabit Ethernet and four USB 2.0 ports.
eBOX630-830-FL - Fanless Box PC
eBOX630-830-FL - Application Example

Processor choices are, in performance level order, Intel® Celeron® M, Core™ Solo, Core™ Duo and Core™2 Duo. The processor speeds range from 1.06GHz to 2.33GHz and the chipset is Intel® 945GME+ICH7M. Screw-type AC/DC 60W power adapter, and increased vibration endurance implies for instance heavy-duty industrial applications.


In some cases the fanless box PC is not really an option, the reason being that the application has special requirements or that the system needs to be owned by the developing company. Large production volume is another cause for choosing another solution than the standard fanless box PC, for instance a full custom solution which is the more cost effective choice in large volumes. Hectronic offers standard products as well as development, production and life-cycle management of full custom systems. 


With the presentation of these three fanless box PC products we hope to have highlighted the particular advantages from choosing a standard system, the well-tried, compact and existing hardware to jump start development directly upon delivery. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or if you would like to order the one of the three that fits the requirements in your development project. There are of course also numerous other fanless box PCs and other types of standard systems to choose from in Hectronics standard product range presented on www.hectronic.se.

Intel and Intel logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. 

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