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Hectronic support allows three children to attend preschool in Moçambique

David lives in the hills outside the recently built SOS Children’s Village in Chimoio, Moçambique. He moves fast through the rough terrain guarding his grandfather’s cattle. His parents are both dead. And his grandmother, she is gone. He doesn’t know where to. He and his grandfather are the only ones left. Apart from the cattle, that he is guarding every day. David is most often alone and hungry.

But David is lucky. Thanks to SOS Children’s Villages, he will be able to attend preschool. He receives food and health care. And he will be one step closer to his dream becoming a teacher.
SOS Children’s Villages has been present working in Moçambique since 1986 and runs four SOS Children’s Villages, two youth accommodations, four preschool facilities and seven social centers. The fifth SOS Children’s Village, funded by the Swedish author Henning Mankell, was recently opened in Chimoio.
Moçambique – Facts and Figures
Number of inhabitants: 21.8 million (2008)
Share of adult population living in poverty: 54% (2008)
Number of children that has lost one or both parents: 1 400 000
Share of adult population with HIV: 12 % (2009)
Number of children dying before the age of 5: 142 out of 1000
Share of 5-14 year olds working (full or part time): 22%
Literacy among adult population: 54%

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