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Hectronic supports a village in Burundi

The first year in the SOS Children's village in Cibitoke

A year has passed since the opening of the SOS Children's village in Cibitoke. The first year has been characterized by the support for the children's recovery, their acceptance of a new environment and their building of trust in the conviction that they may stay.
The SOS-mothers have been challenged by creating the routines and structure of a working everyday life, not the least due to the lack of food and water in the area. The journey is usually long to buy food and it's often not cheap. Water needs to be used very sparsely. Electricity is also expensive and is a scarce resource, which means that darkness is falling early in the village at night.

Opening the health care clinic

The health care clinic opened in June. It was an important event for the region as a whole since the clinic as well as the kindergarten and the school welcomes children and families outside the village as well. Malaria is a big problem and people in the area previously needed to travel far for healthcare.  An important purpose of the health care clinic is also to treat the children that moved in and in many cases were suffering from malnutrition, disease and parasites.

Supporting children in school

The SOS-mothers have despite hardship succeeded in making the children get on well and recover from what have often been bad experiences in the past. All the children manage school work well except two of the children who experience difficulties in mathematics and French. Their SOS-mothers are currently focusing their attention on them to help them catching up. Even though a top priority is to establish a working everyday life, the adding of splendor to life with festivities from time to time hasn't been neglected. Baptism, basketball games and study visits have been a welcome break in the everyday routine during the year and have improved the contact with local society. 



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