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Hectronic supports a village in Burundi

The children have moved into their new home in Cibitoke

A motley crowd of children arrived when the Cibitoke village for orphans opened in mid September. Some where confused and afraid confronted with unfamiliar impressions. Others were joyful and immediately began to play and run around among the buildings.

The children were accompanied by relatives or some other temporary care taker and were mostly in poor condition and dressed in torn and dirty clothes. Among the children there are orphans, children abandoned by their parents and those that have lived with parents unable to take care of them. The majority comes from villages surrounding Cibitoke.

Taking on the responsibility for the children

The SOS-mothers are given the important task of taking care of the children and they are well aware of the responsibilities involved. One SOS-mother described that she loves her new job, but at the same time stays prepared for the difficulties that she will meet.

The village is situated about one kilometre outside Cibitoke and consists of twelve family houses, one kindergarten, one school and one health care and social support centre. The school was opened on September 21st and are already up and running, with a possibility to teach several hundred children both from the village and the surrounding area.

Improving social services

The Cibitoke province has been exposed to lengthy violent conflicts resulting in poverty and a flow of refugees. The infra structure is worn down. Health care and education is non-existent. Diseases like aids, malaria and tuberculoses has claimed many victims leading to an increasing number of orphans.

The recently opened school, health care centre and social support centre in the village will be a real improvement to the entire area since the services are also offered to people outside the village. Children and adults in the immediate surroundings will have access to health care, education and other types of social services.



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