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Taking initiative for faster standardization

Hectronic is one of the founding members in the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies, SGET. SGET was formed by a group of embedded computing manufacturers in the first half of 2012. The standardization group will develop and maintain embedded computing specifications to promote embedded technology standardization that meet the requirements from the market. The first standardization working groups within the organization will focus on the Qseven module specification and a dedicated ARM module standard.

According to Patrik Björklund, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hectronic, one of the main reasons for founding SGET was to increase the speed in which new standards for embedded hardware and software are defined, implemented, updated and modernized. It's not the least important to be able to take full advantage of the new ARM SoCs (System on a chip) and low power X86 processors in products that meet the needs of an ever shifting market.
"I believe that small form factor COM module standards are one area in which SGET will play a crucial role. Standardization really has to move quicker and be more flexible than what we've seen so far in existing organisations," he says.
The Qseven standard for small form factor COM modules is from now on hosted by SGET. Qseven will benefit from being hosted by this manufacturer-independent organization with a global reach. SGET is founded as a registered association according to German law. The statutes of the organization reflect the intentions to be a flexible and responsive. The rules are simple and the decision paths short. For instance the cooperation from only three members are enough to be able to set up a standardization group supported by SGETs infrastructure to pursue the initiative to define and implement a new SGET standard.

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