September 2012

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The solution to a problem is often depending on how it’s defined. If you are able to split yours into parallelity the solution may well be the GPU and the OpenCL programming standard.

Why not read the white paper and find out if it's the case!

Magnus Fritzson
Market Communications Manager


Parallel processing for performance
- OpenCL and AMD Embedded G APUs

Large amounts of data and complex computations. The algorithm is possible to reformulate to be more parallel to its form.

The applications that fit the above description are up for an increase in performance supported by the OpenCL programming standard using parallel processing in the GPU.

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UEFI replaces BIOS

EFI firmware is now beginning to take over completely at the expense of BIOS. These are the driving forces and consequences.
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Faster standardization

SGET was founded to take full advantage of the new ARM SoCs and low power X86 processors on an ever shifting market.
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From the family of Qseven modules

ARM Cortex A8 and TI’s C674x VLIW DSP core.
- Gigabit Ethernet -
- Single Channel LVDS 24 bit -
- Six USB 2.0 -
Q7-TI8168 Product Page »

Order samples now for H6055, industrial temperature range with Intel Atom Processor E6XXT series processors.
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Industrial Gateways

rBOX200 »
rBOX204 »
rBOX101-4 »
rBOX101-6 »
rBOX is a series of compact systems for an extended temperature range, with a variety of interfaces including Intel Atom based versions. 
rBOX supports the use of the AXView Monitoring Software Package.

Welcome to meet with Hectronic at...


We are looking forward to seeing you in booth 33 at Embedded Conference Scandinavia, October 2-3, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.

We'll be showing for example new COM modules, COTS and custom systems. Why not book a meeting ( with one of our representatives!

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