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Skylake based products
Skylake is the codename for the Intel® processor microarchitecture that is the successor to the Broadwell microarchitecture. Skylake is built on Intel’s 14 nm manufacturing process and delivers breakthroughs in performance and power efficiency over previous generation microarchitectures for high performance graphics, stunning high-resolution video playback, great system performance and responsiveness, even longer battery life, and stronger security.
Box PC
LEC-2580 - 6th gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3
- 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
- 2x HDMI, 3840 x 2160
- 6x RJ45 or 2x RJ45 & 4x PoE Download datasheet Read more
SU171/SU173 - 6th gen. Intel Core
- 8xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- HDMI/DP, DP++ Download datasheet Read more
COM Express Modules
Hectronic H6836 - Intel 6th gen. Core i
- Basic COM Express, type 6
- DDR4 memory, 2133MHz
- Intel HD Graphics GT Download datasheet Read more
Hectronic H6839 - Intel 6th gen. Core i
- Compact COM Express
- Pinout type 6
- Intel HD Graphics GT Download datasheet Read more
PICO500 - 6th gen. Intel Core i
- 1xUSB
- 1xPCI Express Mini Cards
- HDMI, LVDS Download datasheet Read more
Network appliance
NCA-4210 - 6th gen. Intel Core i
- DDR4 2133 MHz memory
- 6xGbE RJ45 ports
- 2 pairs Gen.3 LAN bypass Download datasheet Read more

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