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Single board computers
This is a low-power CPU board form factor often used in passively cooled embedded systems. Mini-ITX has similarities with for example ATX and microATX form factors but is significantly smaller (170mm x 170mm). The form factor was announced by VIA Technologies in 2001.
Mini-ITX - Product listing
Hectronic H6913 - Intel Atom E3900 Series
- 9th gen Intel HD Graphics
- 2x DDR3L up to 16GB
- 2xIntel GbE, 6xCOM, 4xUSB 3.0 Download datasheet Read more
HU171/HU173 - 4th Gen. Intel Core
- 10xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- HDMI, DP, LVDS/VGA/eDP Download datasheet Read more
KB161 - AMD Emb. G-Series SoC
- 6xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- VGA, LVDS, DP Download datasheet Read more
BE171/BE173 - 2nd Gen AMD Emb. R
- 9xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- 4xDP (DP++) Download datasheet Read more
BT101/BT103 - Intel Atom E3800 Series
- 7xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- DVI-I, LVDS Download datasheet Read more
BT100 - Intel Atom E3800 Series
- 7xUSB, 6xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- DVI-D, VGA, LVDS Download datasheet Read more
BW171/BW173 - Intel N3000 processor
- 9xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- VGA, DP++ Download datasheet Read more
SU171/SU173 - 6th gen. Intel Core
- 8xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- HDMI/DP, DP++ Download datasheet Read more
Hectronic H6903 - Intel 4th Generation Core i
- 10xUSB, 4xCOM, 2xEth
- 12V DC input voltage Download datasheet Read more
CR100-CRM - 2nd/3rd gen. Intel Core i
- 10xUSB, 5xRS232
- 2xEthernet
- DVI, LVDS, HDMI Download datasheet Read more

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