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Ivy Bridge based products
Ivy Bridge is the codename for the Intel processor microarchitecture that is the successor to the Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. Ivy Bridge is a 22nm die shrink following the 32nm Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. Ivy Bridge was also the first commercial implementation of Intel® 22nm 3D Tri-Gate Transistor Technology.
CR100-CRM - 2nd/3rd gen. Intel Core i
- 10xUSB, 5xRS232
- 2xEthernet
- DVI, LVDS, HDMI Download datasheet Read more
COM Express Modules
Hectronic H6818 - Intel 3rd Generation Core i
- Compact COM Express
- Pinout type 6
- Intel HD Graphics 4000 Download datasheet Read more
Vehicle computers
tBOX330-870-FL - 3d gen. Intel Core i
- 4xUSB, 3xCOM, 4xEth.
- 3xPCI Exp. mini card slot
- IEC60945 Download datasheet Read more
Network appliance
NA-550 - Intel Xeon  E3
- Supports ECC memory
- 14xEthernet
- 1x 2.5 inch SATA HDD Download datasheet Read more

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