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Based on 4th generation Intel® Core featuring smart performance, immersive visuals, and low-power consumption at only 15W TDP. 
The enhanced Intel® HD graphics GT series integrated in the processor not only supports the latest graphics APIs but also projects a 24% performance increase over its previous generation. Thanks to the latest architecture, HU171 and HU173 deliver huge improvements in CPU capability, graphics, security, and I/O flexibility. The two boards differ in that HU171 provides 1 12V DC-in jack (default) while the HU103 provides 1 19~24V DC-in jack (default) in order to provide additional options to customers. In addition, the upgraded Intel Active Management Technology 9.5 (iAMT) allows IT or managed service providers to discover, manage, repair and protect the networked computing assets more easily.
IntelĀ® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance Hectronic is an Affiliate member of the IntelĀ® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, a global ecosystem of 250+ member companies that provide scalable, interoperable solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics.
SPECIFICATION - 4th Gen. Intel Core
- 10xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
Mini-ITX - Product listing
Hectronic H6913 - Intel Atom E3900 Series
- 9th gen Intel HD Graphics
- 2x DDR3L up to 16GB
- 2xIntel GbE, 6xCOM, 4xUSB 3.0 Download datasheet Read more
HU171/HU173 - 4th Gen. Intel Core
- 10xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- HDMI, DP, LVDS/VGA/eDP Download datasheet Read more
KB161 - AMD Emb. G-Series SoC
- 6xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- VGA, LVDS, DP Download datasheet Read more
BE171/BE173 - 2nd Gen AMD Emb. R
- 9xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- 4xDP (DP++) Download datasheet Read more
BT101/BT103 - Intel Atom E3800 Series
- 7xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- DVI-I, LVDS Download datasheet Read more
BT100 - Intel Atom E3800 Series
- 7xUSB, 6xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- DVI-D, VGA, LVDS Download datasheet Read more
BW171/BW173 - Intel N3000 processor
- 9xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- VGA, DP++ Download datasheet Read more
SU171/SU173 - 6th gen. Intel Core
- 8xUSB, 4xCOM
- 2xEthernet
- HDMI/DP, DP++ Download datasheet Read more
Hectronic H6903 - Intel 4th Generation Core i
- 10xUSB, 4xCOM, 2xEth
- 12V DC input voltage Download datasheet Read more
CR100-CRM - 2nd/3rd gen. Intel Core i
- 10xUSB, 5xRS232
- 2xEthernet
- DVI, LVDS, HDMI Download datasheet Read more

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