March 2012

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The Qseven form factor was introduced in 2008. X86 performance in mobile and battery powered products was the goal.

Today Qseven is everywhere. Size, cost efficiency and high-speed interfaces have attracted engineers.

We’d like to share our thoughts on why things turned out the way they did and what to expect from Qseven computer modules in the future.

Magnus Fritzson
Market Communications Manager


Qseven modules - Versatile beyond expectations

The years 2010 and 2011 were when Qseven was seriously established. The reason for the popularity is a combination of compact size (70mm x 70mm) and low height, cost efficiency and access to contemporary and high-speed interfaces. 

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AMD G-Series APUs
- Cutting edge graphics

AMD acquiring ATI Technologies eventually lead to the release of AMD Embedded G-Series APUs with the CPU and the GPU integrated on the silicon die. Cameron Swen, Divisional Marketing Manager at AMD tells the story.
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Closer cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric

Embedded PC company Hectronic AB and the supplier of specialist technologies ACAL BFi Nordic AB will, in a joint effort, offer industrial displays from Mitsubishi to Nordic customers.
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AMD G-series APUs in Qseven

• On-chip Radeon 6250 GPU
• LVDS, DisplayPort, DVI/HDMI
• 2xSATA, 4xPCIe, 8xUSB
H6059 Product Page »


Intel Atom N2600 in COM Express

Intel Atom N2600 offers low power (3.5W TDP) dual-core CPU performance. CPU options are N2600/N2800/D2700. The Intel NM10 chipset is used and VGA/LVDS, Dual 24-bit LVDS are supported.
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Two rugged

8.5" IP66-rated Vehicle Touch Panel Computer. Power supply certified according to ISO-7637. E-marked.
GOT-808 Product Page »
Fanless embedded system for -40°C to +65°C.Isolated COM and CAN ports.
tBOX311-820-FL Page »

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