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Hectronic uses a web based tool to fillout and send support requests to the Hectronic support team. The purpose is to simplify the process. There are a number of features to make things easier and save time.

The tool is accesible through the support section on www.hectronic.se.

Register an account


Screen dump


To start using the support request functions on www.hectronic.se you need to register an account. Your e-mail is always the user name, and where the systems sends the e-mail confirmation with a link to activate your account. Click on the link and your account will be activated and ready to use.


The support request form has a number of fields that need to be filled out. Some of the fields can be easily filled out using the functions of the system. Contacts, return and billing adresses can be added to a database, selected and automatically filled out in the form.


Help information


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There are instructions to help you use the support request function. Merely move the mouse pointer over the fields and buttons and the corresponding instructions to guide you will appear under the Help headline to the right.

Managing contacts and adresses


Screen dump

The information in the fields of the support request form can be manually filled out or filled out automatically from entries in a database. Lets look at an example of how it works. Click on the Contacts link in the navigation area to enter your contact information.

Screen dump


The information entered in the fields for a contact are filled out automatically in the support request form when selected in the drop down list. Aliases can be used for contacts, return adresses and billing adresses.


Click the "Set as default" tick box to have the information preselected and filled out in every new support request form you open. It's possible to alter the preselected information by clicking another contact in the drop down list or by manually filling out the contcts fields in the support request form.


Similar functions are available to manage contacts, return adresses and billing adresses.


Filling out the support request form


Screen dump

Click on the Support Request Form link in the navigation area. The form will appear with the default contact information, return and billing adress fillled out.

Screen dump

The information needed to complete the form is product related information such as part number, serial number and problem description. Click the Send Request button and the support request form will be sent to the hectronic support team. Yu will receive a copy to your e-mail box.


Hectronic values your feedback to improve the functionality. You are welcome to contact Conny Olsson, Support Manager at support@hectronic.se to share your viewpoints.

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