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Hectronic invites you and your company to participate in one of our traveling technical seminars. The seminar speaker is Hectronic Product Manager Robert Helenius. For your convenience, the seminar can be held at your facilities and takes 1-2 hours depending on the Q&A.


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Processors in the embedded segment (ARM vs X86)
The performance of ARM processors are steadily increasing through higher clock frequencies and multicore processor options. Today’s High Performance ARM CPU is often integrated with an advanced GPU (Graphical Processor Unit) and has high-speed standard interfaces that are originally coming from the PC industry. This evolution is promising and at the same time creates new challenges for the traditional ARM designer.
At the same time, x86 processors are moving to SoC’s (System on Chip) with lower power consumption, smaller size and a lower cost. Competition is increasing as more performance segments has both ARM and x86 processor options to choose from.
This seminar will compare the two CPU-architectures in terms of design aspects, power consumption, performance, software, ecosystem and cost (development and component cost). The newest CPU’s from companies like Freescale, Intel and AMD will be presented as well as examples of standard products that can be used to speed up the product development of ARM or x86 based systems.
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