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Helix - Embedded Linux Development Tool
Embedded Linux - The challenge

Building and maintaining embedded Linux systems involves more than compiling a Linux kernel and writing an application. Embedded Linux systems commonly consist of millions of additional lines of code contained in tens or hundreds of open source software packages. This additional software needs to be carefully selected, configured, compiled and installed.

You are assisted in the challenge to initiate development rapidly, reach project goals and maintain the embedded Linux system using Helix. A set of software packages, utilities and compilers provide an easy way to configure, build and maintain embedded Linux systems for Hectronic embedded hardware.

Helix contains compilers and debuggers for various architectures, pre-compiled user space programs and libraries, for example BusyBox, pre-compiled kernels and scripts to assist when building a bootable embedded Linux system.

Traceability is a standard quality aspect of development. Helix helps keeping track of exactly what software is running on the hardware platform and enables building Linux-systems for different architectures using one single code base in a reproducible manner.


- Linux kernel and drivers adapted to embedded hardware from Hectronic
- Software libraries for network, graphics, compression functionality for example
- The possibility to adapt functionality, configure, build, compile, debug and download to the hardware
- Software updates
- Technical support

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