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Android support for TI Sitara

Hectronic introduces support for Android in the embedded computers based on the processor TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A8. A Board Support Package (BSP) has been developed for all devices in the processor as well as a number of communication interfaces, display, touch screen and sensors.

Along with the BSP software development services are offered to adapt and further extend the support for various hardware components to introduce Android (Jelly Bean 4.2.2.) support in custom made systems.
We’ve developed a number of custom made systems based on TI Sitara AM335x processors. The projects have been based on Hectronic’s reference platform including processor and building blocks for wired and wireless communication. The platform now contains BSP for Linux and Android respectively.

Reusing building blocks

Our software engineers based their work on the BSP supplied by Texas Instruments which includes support for all devices in the processor. They have added the support for hardware components in the platform such as communication interfaces, sensors, AD converters and fan controllers. 
A key strategy at Hectronic to reuse building blocks already developed and verified. In libraries of building blocks you’ll find hardware components and designs including processors, communication interfaces and sensors but also drivers, firmware and BSP. Integrating these building blocks, adding and adapting functionality rather than developing it all from scratch is faster, safer and more cost efficient.

Access to source code

This strategy means that our software engineers base their work on existing BSP source code, adapt and add functionality to fully support the custom made systems we develop for our customers. Android contains Application Programming Interfaces for that purpose. Customers are given free access to the source code and can choose to support and further improve the Android support themselves or trust Hectronic with that task.    
Furthermore a Starter Kit is offered containing a computer board with TI Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8. With it it’s possible to start developing the application software in parallel with Hectronics developing the custom made hardware. The Starter Kit contains an LCD screen, touch functionality and the basic Android BSP.

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