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Hectronic now an Acal group company

Acal Plc, a specialist provider of technology products and services has acquired Hectronic AB. Stefan Löf, Managing Director at Hectronic sees possibilities in a strong owner from the electronics industry.
- Hectronic will have an increased local presence in the Nordic Countries and we'll be represented in the geographic proximity to existing and new customers on the European market as a whole, he says. It'll lead to even better support to our customers.

Yet another advantage is that Hectronic and the company's offer of embedded computer boards and systems will be part of, and make a difference in a larger context. Our customer, new ones and existing, will benefit from bundled offers based on Hectronic's expertise in embedded computing including specialist technology products and services from the Acal group.
- The commitment to our customers will be extended and Hectronic will also be part in large scale offers to the customers of the Acal group, says Stefan Löf, but the short-term situation is best described as "business as usual".


Short-term and long-term scenarios

Hectronic will be an independent subsidiary to ACAL BFi Nordic AB. The management team will continue its work unchanged, the staff remains unaltered and customers and suppliers use the established channels of information and contact with Hectronic. Existing agreements and arrangements are still valid and applied.


In the long term there are a number of opportunities to benefit from. The offer presented to customers is likely to include not only embedded boards and systems from Hectronic but also for example technology products within Imaging and detection, Photonics or Communication that are some of the many areas of expertise in ACAL BFi Nordic AB. Additionally ACAL BFi Nordic AB has an opportunity to supply Hectronic with electronic components such as wireless modules, power supply components and advanced connectors.

- We are and will remain an OEM partner in relations to our customers but our offer will include products and services containing a wider range of technologies and will be delivered from Hectronic or through Acal representatives, says Stefan Löf.


Part of the Electronics Division

The Acal group has around 1000 employees in Europe and South Africa. The operation is divided into three Divisions: Electronics, Supply Chain and Medical. Hectronic will continue with its business model including development, manufacturing and maintenance of embedded computer boards and systems and will be included in the Electronics division of the Acal Group.
About Acal Plc
The Acal Group is a European specialist provider of technology products and services providing sales, marketing, engineering and other services through three divisions: Electronics, Supply Chain and Medical. The Electronics Division is Europe's leading specialist distributor of electronic and photonic products to industrial manufacturing and design companies. The Supply Chain Division provides inventory optimisation and outsource solutions to leading technology service providers while the Medical Division supplies advanced medical equipment to public and private healthcare providers. Acal has operating companies in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain and the Nordic region.

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