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SMARC - ARM focused Computer-on-Module

The Smart Mobility ARChitecture (SMARC) form factor has since its introduction in 2012 gained a lot of attention and use in the embedded market thanks to the rapid growth of ARM-based computer-on-modules. 

The reason for SMARCs popularity can be found in many of the factors that distinguish it from the competition.

Industrial Automation
Hectronic develops and delivers embedded rugged computers for applications within Industrial Automation. Our COTS product portfolio is rich with options for use in Industrial Automation and Power Transmission.
Qseven - Technology Overview
The Qseven (Q7) standard is specifically designed for embedded mobile applications and integrates all core components of a common PC onto the extremely compact board. 
AMD Embedded G-Series in Qseven
AMD G-series SoC
Quad/dual core CPU
Q7 Specification 2.0
Industrial temp. (optional)

6th Generation Intel in Com Express Basic

6th generation Intel Core
DDR4 memory, 2133MHz
Basic COM Express, type 6
Intel HD Graphics GT
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Reduce time to
Reuse of building blocks saves time and reduces NRE cost.
Linking full product responsibility to one point of contact.
Secure product longevity
Technical control ensures smooth generation shifts.
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