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Hectronic at Embedded Conference Scandinavia
We hope to meet with you at Kistamässan and we would like to show you our new COTS products and why not get an opportunity to describe custom development based on building blocks in our TI Sitara platform. 
Magnus Fritzson
Market Communications Manager
IoT to monitor air quality in Chinese Langfang
Finnish company Realin’s cloud service and HMI, Hectronic’s H1502 Box PC and the company Pegasor’s sensor system were integrated to offer real-time data to city officials.
ARM Cortex A8 building blocks
Our TI Sitara platform has evolved from numerous custom designs. This is what we've got to reuse, adapt and integrate to match your application requirements.
Microcontrollers add value
They are independent, extremely power efficient, flexible and excellent resources for numerous application specific tasks. This how they are used in X86 designs.
Bay Trail in Qseven form factor
Intel Atom E3800 series
Q7 specification 2.0
Industrial temp. (optional)
Intel HD Graphics Gen. 7
Freescale i.MX 6 in rugged tablet
10.1 inch capacitive touch
Freescale i.MX 6 at 1GHz
NFC-RFID, barcode reader
Android 4.2
Hectronic at ECS in Stockholm
Let's meet in booth 69 at ECS, November 3-4, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Reduce time to
Reuse of building blocks saves time and reduces NRE cost.
Linking full product responsibility to one point of contact.
Secure product longevity
Technical control ensures smooth generation shifts.
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